Update regarding Casa de Asilo & other related updates

Dear Friends of the Foundation at Red Frog,


 Following the catastrophe at Casa de Asilo, caused by a breach in the seawall in January, the Foundation at Red Frog provided $2,000.00 to address the immediate and near-term needs of the Casa’s residents.  Over the past few weeks, these funds were used to provide food, bottled water, adult diapers, cleaning supplies and personal toiletries to the displaced residents.  Additional funds in the amount of $500.00 have been earmarked for Casa de Asilo relief.  On behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, I would like to thank everyone who answered our urgent plea for donations and to all the volunteers “on the ground” in Bocas del Toro who helped purchase and distribute the much-needed supplies. 

 Unfortunately, the resident’s long-term needs for a safe, secure and healthy facility will rely largely upon the Panamanian government’s subsequent determinations and actions. However, in the interim, it will be necessary for the Foundation and local volunteers to remain involved and engaged to ensure that the residents’ fundamental needs for comfort and safety are met.  Your generous donations over the coming weeks and months will ensure that the Foundation at Red Frog can continue its support of the Casa de Asilo. Los abuelos nos necesitan!


 Most of us take our eyes and our vision for granted, and when necessary, we are able to afford exams and corrective eyeglasses.  The residents of the Casa de Asilo cannot. Many of them live their lives in a blur, unable to read or see things clearly.  Working with dedicated volunteers in Bocas del Toro and Optica Vision Center-Movil, the Foundation provided supplemental funding for fourteen eye examinations and corrective eyeglasses for the “abuelos” at Casa de Asilo.



 On March 3, 2019 the Foundation will sponsor an “Asilo Day.” The community and local volunteers are invited to participate.  There will be food and musical entertainment and an opportunity to meet and engage the Asilo residents in a day of fun and provide relief to the volunteers who work tirelessly during the week. Visit the Friends of the Casa de Asilo’s Facebook page to stay tuned in: www.facebook.com/groups/371548892954302/



 Thanks to the inspiration of one of the Foundation’s generous supporters, the first delivery of sewing machines was made on January 9-10, 2019.  Since then, ten additional machines were delivered, bringing the total to eighteen sewing machines.  These machines and additional thread-sets will be used by the home economics classes in the Bocas schools when the new school year begins in Spring 2019. On behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, I would like to thank Sue and Bob Chirone for their generosity and efforts in organizing this initiative as well as those who donated funds to provide additional sewing machines.



While the Foundation’s corporate structure and its by-laws remain unchanged, the Trustees sought a means to distinguish the charitable, “non-profit” Foundation from the corporate, “for-profit” Red Frog Beach Resort.  While remaining faithful to the Foundation’s beginnings, inspired and supported by the Resort’s developers and residents, the Board felt it necessary to make a subtle change in its name, logo and on-line presence.  To do so, the Board of Trustees engaged the services of Justine Catalano to revamp and redesign the Foundation’s website and social media links. The new website is similar to the former website in “lay-out,” but now includes a means for volunteers and supporters to provide feedback directly to the Board of Trustees.  The new website retains the capability to donate to the Foundation directly with PayPal.  Please feel free to click on the RED DONATE BUTTON so the Foundation can continue its good works!



Although it is still early, planning for the Foundation’s 2019 Annual Fund Raiser will begin soon.  Thanks to the continued support of the Red Frog Beach Resort and Spa, our Annual Fund Raiser will be held at the Resort concurrent with the Resort’s Annual Owners’ Open House in September or October.

Finally, I would like to thank the Foundation’s many supporters and donors who have contributed to the Foundation’s programs and projects over the past few months.


On behalf of the Board of Trustees,



Bob Tiedeman


The Foundation at Red Frog

Justine Catalano