Donations for the Senior Citizens of Bocas del Toro

Friends of the Foundation at Red Frog,

Casa de Asilo is a housing facility for indigent senior citizens of Bocas del Toro, Panama. The Casa is currently the ONLY home of approximately thirty-five senior citizens, both men and women. Nominally operated by the Panamanian government, it is woefully underfunded and minimally staffed.  Consequently, it relies largely on local volunteers and other non-profit charities operating in the area to provide shelter, meals, medical care, clothing and other essential amenities to make the lives of their residents comfortable. 

On or about January 1, 2019 the seawall adjacent to the facility in Bocas Town was breached.  It caused major flooding and necessitated the removal of all its current residents to a temporary facility.  As a result of the flooding, all supplies and equipment at the facility was damaged or destroyed.

There is an URGENT NEED for food, bottled water, adult diapers, large garbage bags, cleaning supplies, toiletries and clothing.  This need is real and immediate.  The Foundation has already provided $2,000.00 in immediate funding to address this URGENT NEED.  But additional funding is urgently needed to ensure the safety and maintain some quality of life for these under-served senior citizens, our friends.

Please help the Foundation help by donating whatever amount you can TODAY!  You may do so by visiting our website:  Please indicate that your donation is for the emergency relief efforts for Casa de Asilo.  Your donation may be tax deductible!  

Alternatively, you may also donate by visiting the Friends of Casa de Asilo’s Facebook page:




Bob Tiedeman

Trustee, Marketing and Communication

The Foundation at Red Frog, Panama                     

Justine Catalano